Crowdfunding for Powsumer Will Help Identify the Next Big Thing

Derby Down Corbin and Henry bernsenEvery year in the world of technology, there is a new advancement that gets people like me on the edge of their seats. Last year, in 2012, for me that advancement was crowdfunding. Crowdfunding, in short, allows people from all over the world to put any amount of money they can into projects they believe in. For lack of a better word, this is huge. These sites have opened the gates for millions of projects that may never have had the chance to see the light of day. Now with the help of these worldwide online travelers, these projects – which started out as simple light bulbs hovering above the head’s of their creators – all have the ability of becoming the next new advancement that puts myself and others on the edge of our seats in the years to come. Powsumer is one of these projects and with the help of Indiegogo and its user-base, I truly believe we will be able to achieve something extraordinary.

There are three main reasons why we have chosen Indiegogo to obtain our initial round of funding:

1. Freedom of Creativity

Crowdfunding allows us at Powsumer to keep a sense of freedom of creativity that would be lost if we were to decide to go through an Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist. We have some really cool ideas and we want you all to see them first! We believe that going through Indiegogo is our best shot of achieving this goal.

2. A Quick, Easy, and Personal Funding

Crowdfunding also allows achieving our first round of funding by quick and personal means. In launching an Indiegogo campaign, we pick a set period of time in which we can either get funded or not (hoping for the first) and just knowing how long that period is (the exact date in which we would know if we have achieved our goal) and that the period actually exists, really takes a lot of weight off of our backs. Also, by raising this initial round of funding through personal means – we are also able to make extremely important connections that are necessary for any startup. That is, in a sense, we create a group of initial supporters that will help us get the site off the ground and really be a part of the whole process from start to finish. We see this as a very powerful relationship that will benefit both sides.

3. The Power of Numbers

The concepts behind crowdfunding sites and Powsumer are virtually the same. We both strongly believe in the power of numbers. We both strongly believe in the power of the online community when banding together to achieve a common goal. Crowdfunding sites, like Indiegogo, show how powerful the online community can become when trying to lift a project up off the ground. Powsumer will show the exact same, as Powsumer will bring in the strength of the online community coming together to demand items for cheaper prices!

We believe that with the help of Indiegogo, together, we can make Powsumer one of the most powerful tools online. I know I will be sitting on the edge of my seat throughout the entire process. I hope in the end, you will be too.

We Have Been Working Hard

Here at Powsumer we have been working hard to get things up and running. In the next couple of months we will be launching the fruits of these labors.

First off, we  have been working diligently with our developers to get our Beta Powsumer page up and running. We have been working long hours making sure the basic functionality is present in the code with the fewest bugs and glitches. We have boot strapped the concept for the last 12 months and need some additional funding to finish the Beta site. Which brings us to our second effort…

We have been working on the launch of an IndieGoGo campaign that will launch this month. The purpose of the Powsumer IndieGoGo campaign is to obtain some small amounts of funding to finalize the Beta site. Additionally, we hope that the IndieGoGo campaign gets people excited about Finally, the IndieGoGo campaign is exactly what Powsumer is about, bringing together the crowd to make something magical happen, and in doing so, we want to give back to the crown that helps fund this with some pretty cool perks and rewards.

We are also continually pushing our social network outreach through Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of media. Go like us on Facebook at or follow us on twitter at

Powsumer Indiegogo Video Shoot

I took a trip up to Los Angeles today to watch the different video shoots for the Indiegogo campaign and to be filmed for my introduction on camera  as well. Arrived around 1:00 in the afternoon and watched Corbin do take after take until he and the producer (Henry) were happy with each video. Chris the sound guy and Jordan were there as well. Things you take for granted as background noise, a truck on the street, a plane flying overhead, a dog barking a few doors down were all noticed and were brief interruptions to the filming. Corbin is very passionate about Powsumer and it was fun to watch his intensity as he was filmed. Here are a few photo’s taken that afternoon, cannot wait to see the finished edited versions of the videos!

IMG_0036     IMG_0040     IMG_0030     IMG_0694[1]

This is Cool

I have worked on a bunch of new start-ups, but this one has has a cool factor unlike any other. We have a core team of developers toiling away on the beta website who are equally excited about the power this site can unleash on consumers. We are onto something powerful, different, unique and cool.  The energy the rest of the Powsumer team is putting into this new start up is also pretty powerful. Henry, Jordan, Andy and I are calling each other and emailing each other at all hours of the day and night and loving it. We are falling into a natural rhythm of working with each other, dividing and conquering the tasks and loving ever minute of it. Ideas are flowing, work is getting done and we are getting closer. This is Powerful, this is Powsumer.

Powsumer Indiegogo Campaign Videos

Skyline of Akron, OhioCorbin, Henry and I made a trip out to Akron to get the ball rolling on the Powsumer Indiegogo campaign video. This was also the first time that Henry and I got to meet Andy face to face. At the same time, this gave us our first opportunity to see the demo that Andy had prepared and been giving for the last several months. Let me just say that the due diligence has been done and that the Powsumer, as a company, has gone from just an abstract concept to now a fully thought out and feasible business model. It’s very exciting to see these ideas manifest themselves into real life. Granted, we have a ways to go until the site will be live, but now there is definitely a clear path to that end goal.

After the quick rundown, we got to filming the Indiegogo video. With our sound guy, Marlowe, on hand, we did interviews first Andy, getting a little bit of his background as well as how he came to be involved with Powsumer. From there, Corbin joined in and we filmed around the University of Akron campus, ending up in the Goodyear Polymer building, which has to have the best view in all of Akron.

The next day, there was an official Powsumer board meeting held, in which Peter was officially added to the company. After which, we scrambled around town, getting shots all around Akron. From the Goodyear building to main street, we were everywhere. We then had a chance to go to the luncheon for the University of Akron Research foundation, the place where Andy currently works. He introduced us to many esteemed business men, mostly retired now, but definitely good to know when trying to start a business in Akron. We ended our day where, in a way, this whole journey began, at the All-American Soap Box Derby. Getting some last sweeping shots of the track and a wrap to the videos. It was a quick trip, but we accomplished a lot. Now I just can’t wait to see it all come together in the next couple of months.

Powsumer on Facebook

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Powsumer is a consumer driven pricing site that is enticing to educated consumers everywhere. Powsumer provides distributors, retailers, and manufacturers a conduit to sell at profitable margins.

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Powsumer Inc. was established in 2011 to help bring everyday consumers together

Powsumer Inc. was established in 2011 to help bring everyday consumers together into purchasing packs through social and web tools that will allow these everyday consumers (you and me) to demand lower prices from manufacturers by purchasing what you want in sufficient volume as to lower the price – If you think this would be useful, pass it on to your friends as we are looking for all the feedback that we can get